Fixed fire fight­ing sys­tems

Fixed Fire fight­ing Sys­tems (FFFS) involve dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies and design objec­tives depend­ing on the tun­nel being equipped. IFAB is the test and research insti­tute with the most expe­ri­ence in FFFS, which gives a sol­id exper­i­men­tal basis for design­ing or eval­u­at­ing these sys­tems. IFAB per­son­nel have been involved in the instal­la­tion of FFFS in five coun­tries. IFAB’s expe­ri­ence cov­ers dif­fer­ent FFFS types such as del­uge (sprin­kler) sys­tems, high and low pres­sure water mist and foam sys­tems.