Applications areas

IFAB tunnel and metro services cover both rail and road tunnels. IFAB specialises in particular in complete metro systems, including all elements – tunnels, stations and trains. Road, rail, metro – each has its own specific requirements that must be taken into account during the fire safety design phase. Road tunnels typically have very high design fire scenarios, rail tunnels have more complex ventilation designs, and metro systems have to deal with the evacuation of high numbers of passengers. IFAB’s consultants are highly experienced with real underground fires. IFAB’s team has carried out over 200 full scale tunnel fire tests with very severe fire loads and scenarios. Many of the tests have been part of large European research programmes such as UPTUN and SOLIT. Knowledge based on real experience is the asset that sets IFAB apart from other typical fire consultants. It ensures that the service provided is efficient and cost effective, especially for tunnel and metro applications that often include a variety of hazards and are not well covered by fire standards.