Application areas

IFAB is one of the most experienced fire protection consultancy and testing companies for rail applications in Europe. IFAB’s experienced engineers are the right partners for considering the fire safety aspects for all kinds of rolling stock, such as locomotives, light rail vehicles, double deck coaches and special rail vehicles. IFAB’s team has been involved in fire protection for over 1000 rail vehicles.
IFAB uses tools and methods that comply with rail requirements and standards. IFAB has the advantage of experience and knowledge of fire behaviour gained from a huge number of experimental tests. This ensures that the services it provides lead to effective rail applications, and not only in terms of cost. Many of IFAB’s team members have acquired their knowledge from working in the railway industry over many years, which again results in a better understanding of fire safety from the viewpoint of operations and maintenance. IFAB services are not limited only to rolling stock but also cover the interfaces with infrastructure. This enables IFAB to provide comprehensive fire safety solutions that lead to high safety with low costs.