• 2018-06-25

    IFAB is part of the SUVEREN research project

    IFAB will carry out large scale fire tests with lithium-ion batteries as a contractor in the SUVEREN research project (Safety of City Underground Structures due to the use of New Energy Carriers). More information about SUVEREN can be found on the website

  • 2018-05-29

    Update and revision of our website

    Dear visitor,

    our website is currently being updated and revised.

    We thank you for your understanding.

    Your IFAB-Team

  • 2018-02-19

    IFAB was contracted to carry out a seminar regarding NFPA130 for a major supplier to the railway industry.

  • 2018-02-05

    IFAB was officially nominated to participate in the ARGE-Guideline committee for rolling stock.


  • 2018-01-16

    CFD assessment to optimise a fire detection system for a road tunnel in U.A.E.

    IFAB was contracted  to carry out a CFD assessment to optimize the fire detection system for a road tunnel in the U.A.E. The linear heat detection technology was provided by the UK based company.

  • 2018-01-12

    Fire tests for Carmelit-Underground

    IFAB completed a series of fire tests in order to demonstrate  the performance of onboard fire suppression system according to ARGE guideline to be used in the Carmelit underground.

  • 2017-11-10

    Fire risk analysis for Rail

    IFAB has recently finished fire risk analysis for several rail projects. The latest project, related to a regional train, was delivered to Stadler (Switzerland) in October.

  • 2017-11-06

    IFAB senior manager to NFPA130 committee

    Max Lakkonen, senior manager of IFAB, was selected to the technical committee of NFPA130 (Rail & Metro). This further improves the use of IFAB’s special knowledge in rail market as a benefit to international standards. He previously has served already in the technical committees of NFPA502 and NFPA750.

  • 2017-08-07

    IFAB contracted by 4 water mist manufacturers in 2017

    IFAB’s special knowledge of active firefighting systems is appreciated by many water mist manufacturers. IFAB has carried out fire tests for four different water mist manufacturers in 2017. The tested applications cover rail, buildings and industrial risks.

  • 2017-07-12

    IFAB tested an aragonite fire extinguishing system for high-speed train

    IFAB carried out successful validation tests for an argonite fire extinguishing system protecting parts of an engine room and to secure driver protection and evacuation in case of fire of a Scandinavian high-speed train. This was the first time for IFAB testing respective fire extinguishing medium in this application.

  • 2017-05-24

    Smoke tests for Italian train manufacturer

    IFAB has successfully completed a series of smoke tests for the Italian train manufacturer FIREMA. The tests were carried out according to the ARGE guideline in order to test a fire detection system in a modified vehicle.

  • 2017-05-19

    Fire safety consultancy for Hotel Villa Monte Vino

    IFAB was contracted to put into practice the fire safety concept for the historically important Hotel Villa Monte Vino in Potsdam. New safety measures were implemented as part of the approval procedure.

  • 2017-03-14

    Fire safety concept for an apartment house with 16 residential units in Teltow, Brandenburg

    For a client a fire safety concept was created for an apartment house with 16 residential units. The house is to be built in Teltow, Brandenburg.

  • 2017-02-15

    Smoke extraction simulations for two underground stations in Germany

    Based on evacuation simulations, IFAB carried out extensive CFD simulations to study the smoke extraction situation regarding the smoke-free layer in two large underground stations in Germany.

  • 2017-01-25

    Smoke detection tests in Australia

    IFAB carried out smoke detection tests according to ARGE guideline in Brisbane, Australia. The successful testing was part of the train’s type approval.

  • 2017-01-20

    Extensive smoke and fire tests for a large German Railway Provider

    IFAB carried out extensive smoke and fire tests for a large German Railway Provider to assess the efficiency of a fire and smoke detection system to be used in underground railway stations. For those tests IFAB prepared a mock-up scenario which resembled a large underground train station as well as 2 trains.