About us

The IFAB team includes engineers from different engineering fields. These cover not only fire engineering but also civil engineering, mechanical engineering, reliability engineering, hydraulics and thermodynamics. The multidiscipline skills of the IFAB team ensure a holistic approach when designing or testing different fire safety solutions. Individual members of the IFAB team have different certifications related to fire safety. Many IFAB team members also serve on national or international fire safety research and standard committees.

The following are members of the IFAB management team:



Max Lakkonen (Lic.Tech, M.Sc.), Managing Director
Email: Lakkonen@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 906

Max Lakkonen has been working over 18 years in senior engineering positions, both in academics as well as in the private sector. He is a graduated engineer and owns a masters degree (M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.)) in mechanical engineering. Additionally Max Lakkonen owns a Scandinavian postgraduate degree (Lic.Tech.) in automation. Max Lakkonen has been solely working the last 13 years in the fire protection industry and since 2015 he is one of the two managing directors of IFAB. During his career Max Lakkonen has published over 30 papers about tunnel fire safety (ventilation, FFFS, structural safety). He is also a principle member of NFPA502, NFPA130 and NFPA750 technical committees and ITA-COSUF steering board member (International Tunnel Association – Operational Safety). Max Lakkonen is also a member of IWMA (International Water Mist Association) scientific committee.

Max Lakkonen is involved at IFAB especially to tunnel, rail and underground fire safety as well as CFD simulations. He is also responsible for the international activities of IFAB.



Rajko Rothe (Dipl.-Ing.), Managing Director
Certified Expert Fire Safety
Email: Rothe@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 900  

Rajko Rothe has been working over 23 years as fire safety expert and since 2013 he is one of the two managing directors of IFAB. He is a graduated engineer and owns a Dipl.-Ing. degree in marine engineering. Rajko Rothe currently works with the consultancy and verification of preventive fire protection methods. His expertise includes over 23 years of fire testing in real scale. As a certified expert of fire safety, Rajko Rothe is accredited to develop fire safety concepts and related expert statements even for complex buildings. He has been involved in many research programs and has published many papers from various fields of fire protection.

Rajko Rothe owns a teaching certificate for Fire Fighting (STCW) and is appointed as a fire cause investigator of the German Federal Bureau for Maritime Casualty Investigation. Rajko Rothe is also responsible for many fire safety consultancy and testing projects at IFAB.



Babett Peters (Dipl.-Chem.), Senior Testing & Consultancy Manager
Certified Specialist Planner Fire Safety
Rail, quality management and accreditation
Email: Peters@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 901

Babett Peters has been working over 13 years in senior fire safety positions. She currently works as Fire safety consultant as well as testing & quality manager at IFAB. Babett Peters owns a degree in chemistry (Dipl.-Chem.) and  in environmental technologies (M.Sc.). She works intensively with various approval and accreditation offices, e.g. regarding the fire safety laboratory accreditation of IFAB.

Babett Peters is responsible for operating and developing different measurement methods for fire testing at IFAB. In addition to fire testing, she is involved in fire safety consulting and design. Babett Peters works focus mainly on industrial and special hazards.


The IFAB product managers for different applications areas are:

Alexander Sasz (Dipl.-Ing. (FH)), Fire & Smoke testing
Email: Sasz@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 902  

Bastian Matthies (M.Sc.), Computational Fluid Dynamics & Thermodynamics
Email: matthies@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 910

Werner Thon (Chief Fire Officer), Expert assessments & Consultancy
Email: Thon@ifab-fire.com
Telephone: +49 30 643185 900