IFAB is always inter­est­ed in qual­i­fied fire pro­tec­tion engi­neers. Experts espe­cial­ly in the fol­low­ing fields are of inter­est:

  • Fire Pro­tec­tion
  • CFD Sim­u­la­tion (ther­mo- and flu­id dynam­ics)
  • Safe­ty of rail vehi­cles
  • Safe­ty of infra­struc­ture and under­ground facil­i­ties
  • Reli­a­bil­i­ty engi­neer­ing (RAMS)


IFAB can offer attrac­tive and chal­leng­ing work with the poten­tial of future devel­op­ment in a moti­vat­ed and inter­na­tion­al­ly ori­ent­ed team.

IFAB is also con­stant­ly sup­port­ing stu­dents with their the­ses (Diplo­ma, Mas­ter, BA) and offers prac­ti­cal train­ing peri­ods.

Please send your open appli­ca­tion to: