About us

IFAB is one of the most experienced institutes in Fire Safety Consultancy and Research in the world. The company headquarters are located in Berlin, but IFAB works internationally. The IFAB team has been involved in fire testing since 1994, and benefits from the experience gained from over 1800 fire tests in different applications. These cover numerous different applications, from laboratory scale tests for ordinary hazards to large scale tests for road tunnels with heavy goods vehicles.

In addition to fire testing, today IFAB also focuses on fire engineering. Fire engineering is carried out for different application areas. Reliability engineering relating to fire or life safety systems is also part of IFAB’s product portfolio. The Company Mission is to provide innovative and effective fire protection services to clients at reasonable cost. IFAB is eager for challenges; the tougher the request from a client, the more determined IFAB is to solve it:

  • We are ASKING
  • We are ANALYSING
  • We are ANSWERING