Applications areas

IFAB building services cover normal and high risk buildings and buildings with various architectural requirements. Normal buildings refer to applications that are well covered by fire standards and normal designs, which make fire safety design easier. High risk buildings are applications that have at least one part that is not covered by fire standards. Alternatively, buildings may contain elements that need higher protection than that offered by fire standards. Architectural requirements often set design objectives that require non-standard solutions. Buildings like this with their high demands are a speciality of IFAB. IFAB’s knowledge, gained from over 1800 fire tests, is the key to providing efficient and cost-effective fire protection solutions. Concert halls, theatres, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, laboratories, storage facilities and in particular cherished heritage buildings are typical examples of the sphere of competence of IFAB’s building services. Industrial applications are not covered by standards but typically have specific fire hazards. These can range from expensive and hazardous production machines to whole factories that require special protection. Such non-standard applications are a particular field of IFAB expertise. IFAB uses modern tools such as CFD and carries out laboratory scale tests.